With 25 of 25 precincts reporting as of 9:20 p.m. Tuesday, the County Election Department notes that unofficial results reveal that of the 620 total ballots cast (including absentee, early and today's votes), Alto ISD resident are supporting a $10.5 million bond package to rebuild property destroyed by twisters in April, by a 408 to 212 vote (65.81 percent in favor of, compared to 34.19 percent against).

Rusk citizens have approved all 36 proposed City Charter amendments, while Cherokee County residents are in support of State Proposition 4, with 87.22 percent of the 3,796 ballots cast – 3,311 votes – for, and 12.78 percent (485 votes) against.

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Preliminary early voting results: Alto bond, Rusk amendments pass

CHEROKEE COUNTY – Early voting results are in, according to the Cherokee County Election Department, which noted that 4.72 of the county's registered voters – 1,418 of the 30,020 registered – cast ballots during the two-week period prior to today's election, according to unofficial results posted at www.co.cherokee.tx.us.

Probably the most closely watched race at the state level is that of Proposition 4, which prohibits the State of Texas from levying an income tax on individuals. During the early voting period, local county residents cast a total of 1,360 ballots. Of these, 1,169 (85.96 percent) were in favor of the proposition, while 191 (14.04 percent) were against.

An Alto ISD special election for $10.5 million bond package – “Alto Independent School District Proposition A: The issuance of $10,500,000 bonds for school buildings, including a new high school and gymnasium, school sites, school buses and the levying of the tax in payment thereof” – drew a total of 349 votes cast during the early voting period.

Of these, 71.92 percent of Alto ISD residents – for a total of 251 ballots – approved issuance of the bond, while 28.08 percent (98 ballots) were against the proposal.

Rusk city residents voted on 36 different amendments to the City Charter. Those casting ballots during the early voting period approved all proposals.

The most highly approved measure was for Proposition H, for which 103 (93.64 percent) of 110 ballots cast) were in favor of, compared to 7 (6.36 percent) votes against. The amendment to Rules of Procedure requires that the City Council order and hold all such elections, canvas the returns thereof and be governed by the general laws of the State of Texas relating to and regarding elections of municipal officers in the cities of its class in organization.

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