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Beall’s staffer Amber Faught helps Jacksonville High School student Veronica Ward pick out some khaki slacks. Progress photo by Raymond Billy

By Raymond Billy


The kids may hate to hear it, but it's true: the time is fast approaching for back-to-school preparations.

With a new dress code going into effect this fall, Jacksonville ISD parents will want to make sure they purchase uniforms for their children well in advance, as the new guidelines will be enforced from day one.

Many parents have taken that message to heart; so have retailers.

“We got our first stock of school uniforms at the end of May,” said Kim Clater of Discount City. “We’ve had such great sales that we’ve already had to call in another order of uniforms.”

Other department stores such as Wal-Mart and Beall’s have a limited number of uniforms in stock but expect to have a full supply by mid-July.

Mollie Trawick of Beall’s said she has seen several nervous parents browsing the aisle of her store since the new dress code was enacted.

“Parents are afraid they’ll buy something the school won’t accept,” she said, noting the various pocket styles that accessorize many brands of pants. Some schools may not allow such pockets for safety reasons.

Maggie Chaviar of Second Glance, which is owned and operated by Jacksonville’s Crisis Center of Anderson and Cherokee Counties, said that the store has already seen a flurry of buying activity and that uniforms are “going really fast,” she said.

Trawick believes that believes that buying activity will pick up dramatically during the August 17-19 weekend because those are “tax free” days in Texas. Clothing purchases of $100 dollars or less aren’t taxed during that weekend.

Some parents have expressed concern about the cost of purchasing uniforms. But, JISD Superintendent Stuart Bird believes that parents may come out ahead financially because of the dress code.

“I really think the uniforms will be cheaper than the new clothes parents would normally buy their children at the start of the school year,” Bird said. “Parents in other districts who have begun shopping for the fall tell me that uniforms are cheaper and I bet the same will prove true for Jacksonville.”

Dickies, French Toast, U2 and Polo are among the outfitters parents can look for as they shop for uniforms.

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