Rusk ISD releases return to school guidelines

Students in the Rusk Independent School District will begin classes on Aug. 12, according to information received from the district on Thursday.

Between Aug. 12 and Aug. 21 all students will participate in School@Home.

On campus, face-to-face learning will get under way on Aug. 24.

Rusk ISD will be offering School@Home, as well as in-person learning, with both programs using Google Classroom. Regardless of which option is selected, students can expect to engage in high quality learning experiences aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Students that choose School@Home will be allowed to participate in on-campus extracurricular activities, unless mandates are issued by the TEA or UIL prohibiting this.

Parents of students in the School@Home program will be responsible for transporting their student to and from practices, rehearsals and contests.

Rusk ISD is preparing for School@Home and for any school closures that may take place due to COVID-19 and will provide students learning devices and/or WiFi hotspots, as needed. Damages to the equipment will be the responsibility of the the parent, according to the Technology Device Handbook.

All students and staff will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms daily and individuals with symptoms will be separated and sent home.

All schools in the Rusk ISD will be complying with Texas Governor Greg Abbott's executive order regarding the wearing of masks.

Primary, Elementary and Intermediate students are exempt from wearing a face covering. Masks are mandatory at the Junior High and High School.

All students and staff are required to wear masks when on RISD buses or vehicles.

The district asks that parents talk to their students, and stress to them the importance of wearing a face mask while at school.

Rusk ISD will provide students and staff with a face mask, or students may wear their own mask. Face coverings are subject to the district's dress code in regard to displaying inappropriate or offensive images and phrases.

Bus routes will run at regular capacity.

All bus drivers will be required to wear a mask when inside the bus.

Students will sanitize their hands when entering the bus stairwell.

Younger students will sit in the front of the bus and older students will sit in the back. Unloading will start in the front of the bus and proceed to the back.

Despite stringent safety protocols and disinfecting efforts, families are encouraged to drop students off, carpool or walk with their students to school to reduce the possibility of exposure on the buses.

When in the classrooms students should select desks in a way that allows for social distancing.

Only two students at a time will be allowed in the restrooms. Social distancing must take place while inside of the restrooms.

Based on cafeteria capacities and student enrollment, campus administrators will determine areas that will be utilized for lunch.

No outside food deliveries will be allowed at this time, and no visitors will be allowed to have lunch with students.

Water fountains have been turned off at all schools.

Students are expected to bring their own water bottle for use throughout the day. Parents are asked to help their children keep the bottles clean.

Teachers will monitor that students take the reusable water bottles home to be cleaned.

Large attendance events such as all-school assemblies, parties, socials, pep rallies, etc. are prohibited until further notice.

Off-campus field trips have been eliminated, excluding extracurricular and other UIL events.

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