Rusk man sentenced to 50 years in prison for seriously injuring infant


A Rusk man was convicted Friday for causing serious bodily harm to his infant daughter in 2019.

Justin Lee Fountain was found guilty of shaking and throwing his daughter down, and received a sentence of 50 years in prison.

According to court records, Fountain also allegedly blew marijuana smoke in the infant's face as a means to “help calm her down”.

The state presented counter-evidence that Fountain's daughter still suffers ‘ill’ effects from her injuries after hearing testimonies on the girl’s ongoing struggles from the daughter’s pediatrician and from her adoptive parents.

Fountain said after being found guilty that he struggled in school and that he had a low I.Q., admitted to abusing his daughter. He said that he did it while being upset with the infant.

The Honorable Judge Chris Day of the 2nd District Court, presided over the trial.



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