Searching For Bigfoot group donates infamous suit to museum

The Bell County Historical Society Museum in Middlesboro, Kentucky is very much like other small museums of its kind around the country.  It houses items and information relating to the history of a community and region. Recently though, this museum acquired quite a strange item. A large, and rather infamous Bigfoot suit that has ties to the town is now on exhibit.

This story began in August of 2008 when two men, Policeman Matt Whitton and used car salesman Rick Dyer claimed to have found the body of a Bigfoot in the woods of the northern Georgia mountains. They further stated in their announcement that they collected the corpse and froze it in a freezer. The men described the legendary creature as a 7-foot-7 male, weighing 550 pounds with 16-inch human-like feet and reddish hair. All of this culminating in a press conference in California. 

Enter Tom Biscardi, who purchased the frozen specimen for $50,000! 

Biscardi is an award-winning film producer for many films on the subject of Bigfoot including, "Bigfoot Lives" one through three,  “The Hoax of the Century” in which Biscardi and his team present new evidence indicating that the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bluff Creek film of 1967 that supposedly caught a minute of the creature walking through a wooded creek bed was faked. and Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax. 

Biscardi, his son TJ, and crew proceeded to thaw the specimen only to find they had been duped. It was an Internet-purchased Sasquatch costume stuffed with animal organs. They then made the film Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax. After all this the suit 

"At the time I thought we had the biggest discovery of a lifetime. We thawed it and found it to be a suit packed with animal parts it destroyed me." said TJ Biscardi.  "Once it was all over I took the suit home, and that was Middlesboro, Kentucky at the time and it has been hidden away there since, When William and I were talking about having an exhibit at the Bell County Museum with all our Kentucky evidence I just figured it was a no brainer, to let the them house the suit." 

The team celebrated inclusion of their findings for the state of Kentucky into the Bell County Historical Society Museum, located at 207 North 20th Street in Middlesboro, The public was invited to meet the Bigfoot Hunter and crew as they shared these items of interest. Among the artifacts are footprint casts, and unidentified hair samples. The suit was unveiled at the end of the event and it was formally announced that it would be left on display with the museum. 

"We are very please to have Searching for Bigfoot's Kentucky evidence, and of course to have the suit from the hoax in 2008 is amazing," said Bell County Historical Society and Museum's Executive Director William S. Tribell. "This thing has never been seen by the press nor the public. Men, woman and especially the children stand in awe in front of this thing. It is perhaps a bit macabre, and not your average museum artifact but it is strange little piece, or should I say large piece of our areas history."

This was Tom Bicardi's last time venturing into the field. He has now passed the torch to his son T.J. who will lead all future expeditions. The requirements of managing the new company and development of new projects preclude Bicardi from engaging in the extensive travel and research required for each expedition.

"I am Very happy to see our evidence inducted into the Bell County Historical Society Museum," said Tom Biscardi. "I am also pleased to see this suit housed in this place were my son TJ lived so many years, and at the time those two men perpetrated this hoax on us. Now it is on display for the first time ever. It hasn't been seen by anyone but the team and not since 2008. I personally haven't seen it since then and even then it was still a block of ice. When folks see the enormity of this thing and think about the sick hoax those two men tried to pull off, I believe they will be astounded. People from around the world will be coming to see this suit."

Biscardi’s goal is to prove to the public at large the question of this mysterious beast’s existence once and for all. The parent company Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc., upon approval from FINRA has gone public and was awarded the ticker symbol “BGFT.” Now on the NASDAQ Stock Market, they hope to continue to place the company in the forefront of Bigfoot research.

To keep up with the Biscardi's and Searching for Bigfoot you may visit their website at

For more information on this and other events at the Bell County Historical Society Museum, stop by the museum or visit or their Facebook page.

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