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Jake Billingsley, Survivor: Thailand contestant, speaks to Lon Morris College students Tuesday about what it takes to survive in life.

Survivor Jake — Jake Billingsley of CBS’s Survivor:Thailand — visited Lon Morris College Tuesday to speak on a topic he knows much about: Survival.

Billingsley spent 33 of 39 days of the hit TV show/contest fighting to survive the rigors of life in the wilds of Thailand, on the border between the Arctic and Indian oceans.

He is now a 69-year-old land broker and real estate agent who’s hometown is Hideaway, a small lakeside community about 15 miles northwest of Tyler.

Billinglsey spoke to the Leadership for Service Learning class taught by  Betty Addington.

“He was able to mix religion with modern topics and science,” Addington said.

Billingsley spoke on many topics, including how to handle life while being genuine and sincere as well as maintaining focus on the Lord.

After Jake finished speaking, he greeted fans with open arms and a smile and said, “The audience today was incredible.

“One of my favorite things about Lon Morris is that it’s a school that loves the Lord, and I love the Lord.”

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