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Troup City Council met for its regular session Monday night, approving the city’s investment policy and the January minutes.

According to Buffie Deason, Troup City Secretary, the council also discussed the schedule of events with the Texas Development Board for the wastewater plant rehabilitation.

The financial report for January was also reviewed.

According to officials, at the end of January, the city was at 33.33 percent of the budget year. The cash report was estimated report because the bank statements did not arrive in time for reconciliations to be completed. The February 2020 sales tax payment amount will not be released until Feb. 14.

In other news, the Short Street Parks only lacks signage, landscaping and striping both on the handicapped space and on the basketball court, then a grand opening can be scheduled, officials said.

The city attorney is preparing a contract for the demolition work on the washateria and the work will begin after that contract is executed.

Troup City Manager Gene Cottle was absent from the meeting while on a trip to Canada, but he has now returned to town.

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