TROUP – Two dozen new National Honor Society members were inducted into the Troup High School chapter during a special ceremony Thursday at the school auditorium.

Founded in 1921, NHS embraces scholarship, service, leadership and character, according to the website

"Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service," the site states.

Congratulating the new inductees, key speaker John Soules Jr. – co-CEO of the Tyler-based company John Soules Foods – reminded them that "together, we can do more."

NHS members comprise a team, and teams "come from all types, backgrounds and affiliations. No team can be successful if you aren't somehow getting past inherent differences and listening to each other, and consequently working together."

He challenged them not to follow what seems to be modern-day practice of not listening or taking time to learn why someone's thinking differs from their own, because "when that happens, guess what's lost? Communication.

"It takes all kinds to create a successful team, and then that team must learn how to be cohesive before it can be successful," Soules said. "How do you do that? Communication. How do we get past our differences? Communication and listening to each other."

New inductees include Mariah Arellano, Jesse Calley, Nikki Carnes, Matthew Castillo, Morgan Colvin, Caedyn Derrick, Hayden Dillon, Samantha Eastman, Lorena Esquivel, Liz Fillippa, John Ford, Kourtlynn Grimes, Valerie Guthrie, Audrey Hartley, Bailey Hartley, Raul Moreno, Kayden Nelson, Travis Pannell, Daniela Perez, Brittany Pincock, Anthony Salgado, Alexis Shelton, Dalton Smith and Grace Stone.

NHS officers for the 2019-20 school year are President, Corbin Whitsell; vice president, Liley Bozard; secretary, Hadley Derrick; and treasurer, Kaitlyn Deramee.

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