Gardendale Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to close


Carly Latham of Coryell Health released this statement after the press deadline Monday:

"Gardendale Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is owned by the Concord Group and its subsidiaries (Concord). The facility is licensed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to Coryell Health, but Concord is responsible for all day-to-day operations at the facility. Coryell became aware of problems at Gardendale including Concord's financial inability to continue managing the facility. 

With the well-being of the residents as its sole concern, and under its authority as license holder, Coryell has retained an experience consultant, Nance Management, to assist with the voluntary closure of the facility and relocation of residents to the settings of their choice ... Coryell regrets that it has become necessary to close the facility, and appreciates the continued hard work of the Gardendale staff during this difficult time. However, Coryell chose this process in order to maintain the safety and welfare of the residents, and is striving to ensure a smooth transition for all."


According to officials with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Gardendale Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, 1521 E. Rusk St., in Jacksonville is closing.

“They have begun the process of closing the facility which includes issuing notices to residents and working with them on their transfer to another nursing facility or location of their choice,” said Danielle Pestrikoff, assistant press offer with the HHSC.

An employee at the facility said Monday morning that almost a dozen patients have already been transferred.

An administrator at Gardendale referred the media to the company's public relations spokesperson.

As of press time, she had not yet returned messages about the closing.

Pestrikoff released documents showing that eight complaints filed against the nursing home since July 23, 2018. A total of 29 claims were made in the eight complaints, with eight of the claims substantiated by the state, according to the documents.

The substantiated incidents include claims of/against resident/patient/client neglect, quality of care/treatment, physical environment, administration/personnel, misappropriation of property and compliance with federal, state and local laws.

Pestrikoff said these incidents do not include any current investigations, because she cannot release information until an investigation is complete.

A letter posted Sept. 12 on the Gardendale Rehabilitation and Nursing Center's Facebook page claims the facility is being “bombarded” by Coryell Hospital District and its consultants, and that having them close the center and relocate residents has been “absolutely heartbreaking.”

Financial claims made in the letter have not been confirmed by officials.

More information will be published as it is released.