A proposal to bring a new restaurant to Jacksonville has fallen through, according to Mr. Taco Jr. owner Emiliano Magallanez.

“The man we made an agreement with didn't call me back,” he said. When Magallanez contacted him, he was told the original occupants asked to remain at the 1011 S. Jackson St. site.

“He said he was going to give them another chance.”

Napoli's Pizza & Pasta has “been there for a while, and they're good people,” Magallanez said.

A local real estate agency confirmed that the building's owner has agreed to extend Napoli's lease, and that the Italian eatery will be reopening in four to 8 weeks.

Meanwhile, plans to bring Mr. Taco Jr. to Jacksonville have been placed on hold, as the owner searches for a new site.

“We're gonna go forward with it, because Jacksonville is still providing a great response. We've just got to find a good location,” Magallanez said.

The original story about the eatery opening at the Napoli's location has been removed online, and this retraction will be published in the Saturday, Feb. 1, edition of the Progress.

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