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The campuses of Wells ISD will reopen Tuesday, Sept. 7, and the district has released information regarding students’ return and mitigation efforts being taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In a letter from Superintendent Jill Gaston, parents were assured sanitizing and disinfecting would continue regularly throughout the school day and social distancing would be employed where feasible.

Students were requested to bring their own water bottles to be refilled throughout the day in place of the use of drinking fountains.

Masks are to be worn in high traffic areas such as hallways, buses and group projects.

“Although this is not a mandate, we know that masks can catch a cough, a sneeze or saliva. When people are in close proximity, this can help limit exposure. Even if it helps by 10%, this could mean 3-4 individuals not getting sick. Please help us with temporarily masking when students are in close proximity,” Gaston wrote.

Secretaries will be calling to inquire regarding any absences that occur. This will assist the district as they monitor data for changes to COVID-19 cases. The district requests all parents make certain to update their contact information if needed and to answer calls from the school.

The district will be closed to visitors during the school day until further notice and all meetings will be held virtually.

Junior High home games will be limited to 50% capacity help maintain social distancing .

“Each game will be evaluated based on COVID-19 statistics in our district and the opposing team’s district,” Gaston stated.

The letter also notified parents and students to changes in the district calendar.

• Sept. 10 - Three week progress reports for the first six weeks;

• Oct. 1 – End of first six weeks;

• Oct. 4 – Beginning of second six weeks, ends Nov. 12;

• Nov. 15 – Beginning of third six weeks, ends Jan. 7;

• Jan. 4-6, 2022 – Semester exams with review on Jan. 3.

These changes to the calendar shift the start and end dates of each six weeks by approximately five days.

“We are going to make every effort to keep the school up and running,” Gaston stated.

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