Well, here we are—January 2022. A new year in which to RENEW. A time to re-set, re-evaluate, and maybe even re-organize. After the last two challenging years, I suspect we could all “re-something” in our lives.

Fortunately, the beginning of a new year brings with it renewed hope for things to be better. So, let’s RENEW in 2022! If you would like to start with things in and around your home and/or office, January is a great time to do so.

As you may already know, January is NATIONAL GET ORGANIZED Month. For those of you who have not heard this before, here is a brief history of how it came into being back in 2005.

In order for the National Association of Professional Organizers to increase awareness of the significance of organization and the value of employing a professional organizer, they established January as the official month to Get Organized. Whether you decide to hire a professional organizer or decide that you can do it alone, getting organized is a wonderful place to start your renewing endeavors for the year. Let’s get started, shall we?!

First, you will need to decide on the main “re” you want to change and then focus your attention like a laser on that one thing during 2022. This should be something you want very badly because without motivation, you will find it hard to stay the course and finish what needs to be done to reach your goal. This applies to any “re” challenge you decide to undertake. It may be re-organizing or something completely different.

If you have trouble identifying a specific change you want to make, begin with a general organizing task. Early victories will serve as encouragement to inspire you to keep going. For example, you could do one or two of the following: clean out the refrigerator; disinfect doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, and telephones; discard expired and unwanted coupons; start gathering and organizing tax information; clean out file folders and/or clean out and delete unnecessary items from your computer. (Note: Don’t forget to shred personal/sensitive information.) Once you get one or two of those general tasks completed, you will no doubt discover the one big change (your “re”) that you would like to see come to fruition before the end of the year. Whether the challenge deals with your home, work, family, friends, or yourself is totally up to you.

You will also need to make a pledge with yourself to seriously devote a certain amount of time each month to work towards your RENEW goal. That said, I would suggest that you divide that time by setting aside a few minutes each week. The reason--devoting time weekly will become more habit forming. This is important because most all worthwhile changes will require some kind of change in habit.

As an organizer, I would like to remind those of you who choose re-organizing your home as your main challenge, that everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to being organized. What works for one person may not work for another person. Find your comfort zone—the zone in which you can thrive and lead a healthy lifestyle. Do NOT try to be like someone else.

One other thing about organizing. An organized home does not have to be “purrfect!” It does, however, need to be clean. If your things are piling up and clutter is beginning to take over (or already has), do something about it NOW. Your health is way more important than your stuff.

January is a new beginning with eleven months to follow, so our mantra this year will be . . . RENEW in 2022! Re-evaluate your life and lifestyle. Re-set and re-organize those things that need your attention. Think of all the “RE-SOMETHINGS” you want to make better and get started. The only one stopping you is YOU.

For encouragement or for more ideas on how to get started, please contact me at one of the following: home/business phone: 903-339-6101; cell phone: 903-284-0283; e-mail:

Lynda (Pike) Litterst is a professional organizer in Jacksonville. PURRsonal ReDesigns was started out of her love for decorating and organizing. Visit www.PURRsonalReDesigns for a complete overview.

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