City of Jacksonville recognized

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar has recognized the City of Jacksonville, as the latest municipal government to achieve transparency goals set by the Transparency Stars program. Jacksonville is the only city located in Cherokee County to have earned this recognition, and among the 161 of 1,216 incorporated cities in the State whom have earned at-least one star.

“It is important for our residents to have access to meaningful information about how their tax-dollars are being spent,” says Jacksonville’s Finance Director Roxanna Briley. “The City has taken great strides forward in providing this information which we are proud of.”

Jacksonville has received an initial star for Traditional Finances, which recognizes entities for their outstanding efforts in making their spending and revenue information available online. Earning this initial star makes the City eligible to earn up-to five, which is a goal of City Manager Greg Smith. “Pursuing transparency is a major goal of our City.” Smith said, “When I first came to Jacksonville it was a goal of ours to participate in this program and provide the most complete and accurate information we can to

our residents.”

The program recognizes Texas’ local government entities providing the highest standards in online access to important financial data. It was launched by the Comptroller’s office in 2016 to recognize the cities, counties and school districts making important strides to greater government transparency. Local government entities can apply for stars in the areas of:

• Traditional finances,

• Contracts and procurement,

• Economic development,

• Public pensions, and

• Debt obligations.

“By providing meaningful financial data in addition to visual tools and analysis of its revenues and expenditures, Jacksonville has shown a true commitment to Texas taxpayers. This effort achieves the goals set by my office’s Transparency Stars program,” Hegar said. “I am pleased to award Jacksonville a star for its accomplishments.”

For more information on Jacksonville’s transparency initiative, please visit our website @

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