In an effort to undermine the Trump Administration, House Democrats spent this week in Washington hearing testimony behind closed doors. Democrat leaders have deferred to their party’s far-left radicals and have lost control of the process.

Additionally, hardline partisans leading their caucus have distorted the facts in order to deceive the American public.

In an effort to fight back against their rogue impeachment effort, I recently introduced a resolution to remove Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler from his position of power. In the weeks since, similar measures to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff have followed as they have also refused to abide by the rules of impeachment.

In fact, Democrat leaders have willfully misled the American people into believing there are no rules outside the Constitution.

While the Constitution says little about the process, the Jefferson Manual requires a vote by the full House of Representatives in order to move forward with impeachment. This manual was adopted into House Rules more than 150 years ago, yet Speaker Pelosi has refused to acknowledge the requirement for a vote on the House floor.

There is also a long list of precedents set during the impeachment hearings of Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

Under these rules, the minority party has the right to issue subpoenas and cross-interrogate witnesses called by the majority party.

House Democrats have refused to abide by any of these protocols.

It is clear to me the president has done nothing to justify his removal, and this inquiry is a never-ending political stunt.

If Democrats insist on impeachment, they should at least be open and transparent with the American people.

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