Recently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the House of Representatives to order for a vote on a broken piece of spending legislation wrongly dubbed The Heroes Act.

While real heroes take decisive action during times of chaos and disruption, House Democrats used this moment for nothing more than cheap political games.

The $3 trillion spending proposal narrowly passed the House on a wave of Democrat votes despite President Trump and Senate Republicans making it abundantly clear they would not accept the bill in its current form.

Republicans are insisting on significant changes to this legislation, and the reasons are simple. We have already spent over $3 trillion, most of which is borrowed money from our children and grandchildren.

It’s too soon to know how effective that money has been in combatting the economic turmoil caused by COVID-19. We need to first assess what has and what has not worked before recklessly throwing more money at the problem.

Most importantly, Republicans in Congress know Democrats want to use this crisis as an excuse to pass their wild socialist agenda under the guise of ‘relief for victims of the pandemic,’ and it is our duty to the taxpayers and future generations to ensure that does not happen.

I, along with my Republican colleagues, voted against the bill in the House last week for the reasons mentioned above. Democrats deliberately blocked our input and negotiated the provisions included in this spending bill behind closed doors.

As a result, a bizarre list of liberal policies made their way into the 1,800+ page bill. The word ‘cannabis’ was mentioned more times than the word ‘jobs.’

With over 35 million people unemployed, how can Democrats seriously argue they are fighting for the American people when they are more focused on making sure people in California get drugs than on getting people back to work?

I am proud to have voted NO on Speaker Pelosi’s cheap political bill. Instead of politics, we should unleash the America worker and unbind the American economy. Getting our economic engine running again is what will put food on all our tables.

In the coming weeks, the American people will need real leadership to get our economy back on track. I will continue working with President Trump and my Republican colleagues to deliver on our promises and ensure Americans can work again.

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