Paul Myrick

If you have never heard the phrase, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” then you are probably under 30 years old. It was once a fairly common phrase used in all sorts of contexts. Regardless of how it is used, it is about how people that speak up are more likely to get what they want than people who remain silent.

When it comes to today’s political landscape, there is no shortage of squeaky wheels. The problem is that the majority of those wheels are on the same side. For too long, conservatives have remained largely silent while people with liberal ideals have dominated news stations, entertainment, social media and even our higher education system.

It is no great surprise that our young people today have been successfully brainwashed into believing the most generous and most free country on the planet is inherently evil. The facts of history are twisted constantly to fit the liberal ideology of those teaching it such as the “untouchable” tenured professors at our universities.

Ronald Reagan warned us of this very thing during his farewell address.

For those of us who are students of accurate history, the results of this re-writing of history are fairly predictable. How many times have societies been drawn to “leaders” that tell them just what they want to hear instead of the hard truths? How many times have societies been drawn down the wrong path while thinking they are doing the right thing? How many times have societies tried to turn back only to find out it was too late?

Benito Mussolini in Italy, Adolf Hitler in Germany, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Idi Amin in Uganda, and Mao Zedong in China are just a handful of examples to consider. I urge you to read about each of these individuals. The short and sweet version is this: These societies came to a point where they were unhappy with their leadership for various reasons, they rallied behind a “leader” who promised to make things better for the people (usually by giving the people someone else to blame for their problems), then eventually the people gave power to the “leader” and shortly thereafter, that “leader” showed his true colors and the people were doomed. These leaders brainwashed their own people by controlling the media of their time.

In every single one of the examples listed above, the people willingly gave up their firearms and turned over control of their healthcare to the government. After that it, was too late and the result was catastrophic.

If you think we can’t be manipulated in America today ask yourself this: Does CNN or any mainstream news station ever report on why the highest murder, crime, illiteracy and poverty rates are all in long-time Democrat-controlled areas?

Literally millions of human beings have died under communist, marxist and even socialist governments after they thought they were doing the best thing for their society by supporting a new type of government or a new and radical “leader.”

My advice to you is to spend some time reading and watching other news outlets. I won’t tell you which places to get your news, but I will say that if you agree with what your news outlet says 100 percent of the time … then you are likely already brainwashed.

Question things and demand a straight answer. Don’t be part of today’s “cancel culture” that is instantly offended by anyone with a different viewpoint. Be smart enough to realize that if you only consider your own viewpoint then you are the intolerant one.

America was built from the ground up by immigrants, people from all religions, all skin colors. Are there racists in our society? Absolutely. Does that mean racism is “systemic”? Absolutely not. Are there people that make a living by keeping racial tensions high? Absolutely.

Be smart enough to know the difference so you don’t get used.

Finally, some words for the left-leaning squeaky wheels out there. Do the facts support your cause? Do you have a “leader” that makes their living by keeping tensions high? Have you truly considered the next steps if you succeed in getting what you want? Do you really believe that more power in the hands of a few will be more beneficial to the many?

I submit to you that our entire society would be much better served by fixing problems in our current institutions instead of tearing down our entire way of life.

Term limits for politicians and accountability for bad actors in law enforcement would be huge steps in the right direction, and they are both attainable if we work together. Do you really believe someone like Nancy Pelosi wants what is best for you? Her net worth is around $200 million (that we know about) and her salary is less than $200,000 per year … if this doesn’t prove to you what her priorities are, it should at the very least convince you that career politicians in ANY party are a big problem.

Being a squeaky wheel is fine when it is for the right reason, but remember, sometimes squeaky wheels get replaced. Who will the “cancel culture” turn on next if they achieve their goals? My guess is that it would quickly turn on itself.

Step back from the drama, the sensationalized new, and all the hype on social media then decide for yourself. Don’t let others do your thinking for you.

Above all, love thy neighbor as yourself. Treat others with respect no matter their color, nationality or religion. Remember, it is much easier to hate than to love, but we are all on this planet together and every single one of us is worth the effort that it takes to “Love They Neighbor.”

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