I went to the Christmas Parade Thursday night, and I am so tickled to tell you that it was wonderful! I say kudos to the Chamber of Commerce and all those who participated in the parade for making this year’s event so much fun.

There were lots of decorated floats, multiple bands, and some really unique entries in the parade. Even some of the cars were decorated this year. I applaud everyone for the effort they put into the decorations and for keeping up their level of enthusiasm throughout the parade route.  

I watched the parade from the front lawn of the paper, which means the tail end of the parade route. And yet all of the participants were just as entertaining as if the parade had just begun.

I was also so happy to see that the turnout for the parade was much larger this year than last year. It just goes to show, the message Kevin Costner learned in the movie Field of Dreams is true, ‘If you build it, they will come.’

The chamber has rebuilt this Christmas parade and I have yet to hear one negative comment about it. It is a vast improvement over last year’s, and I have no doubt it will continue to grow and improve in years to come if kept on its present course.

This year’s parade was reminiscent of those this town enjoyed when I was a child growing up here. It was fun and family friendly and if you didn’t come out to see it, you really did miss something.

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