I would like to recommend that the JISD hire coach David Hanna as the new AD for the school sports programs, while continuing to serve as the head tennis coach.

He has experience as a football, basketball, and other spring sports coach that would give him a broad understanding of how to manage the combined activities of the Athletic Department.

I know that this would be a departure from the usual local practice of hiring the head football coach as the AD, but our school is large enough now that the football coach has a full time job with his sport alone. Coach Hanna would be a good administrator and would provide long term stability and continuity for a very important part of our school operations.

His uncle was Floyd Flagstaff, the legendary coach and AD at Tyler Junior College. His mother, Mrs. Neta Hanna, was a career PE teacher and extra-curricular events sponsor at JHS. These family influences have contributed to his comprehensive understanding of educational institutions and administration.

There are several advantages to restructuring the administration of the JISD sports program as I have proposed. There are a number of excellent head football coaches who would prefer to delegate the office work to someone else so they could concentrate on their teams and players. The head football coach can still be given a full salary without the burden of managing all the other sport programs.

In that regard, the noted business administration authority Peter Drucker has said that it is not necessary for the “boss” (in this case the AD) to be the highest paid person in an organization.

If coach Hanna were to serve as the AD and tennis coach, he could be given a pay increase for his additional responsibilities, but it would not have to match the contract that the head football coach receives.

Were he to become the AD, it would likely be a career position since he is a native of Jacksonville. The athletic department would have stability and continuity that would allow for long term planning for development and maintenance of school facilities.

Football coaches, of necessity, will come and go (a process that would actually be better facilitated if Hanna were the AD), but the programs could go forward if their leadership were not dependent on the fortunes of the football team.

The Frankston ISD has used a former basketball coach as their AD and it has worked out very well for them.

I sincerely hope that you will consider this alternative approach to personnel selection when the new AD is hired for Jville. In which case, David Hanna is absolutely the best possible choice for the job.

Sam Hopkins


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