Although I reside outside of the city limits, my address is still listed as Jacksonville, so I feel I have a voice in this debate.

I have read several of the letters where the case is being made that the city will reap the economic benefits from the tax revenue.

I believe this to be a bogus argument. If there was such benefit by the increase in taxes then Cuney should be the “Jewel of Cherokee County.”

How many years was Cuney the only place in the county to purchase alcohol?

They received 100 percent of the tax revenue for all these years and it has not benefited anyone except the store owners. The maximum amount of tax that can go to a municipality, by law is 2 percent, so that means for every $1,000,000 sold, the city will receive only $20,000.

In order to get this economic benefit, just how much alcohol is projected to be sold?

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it a good idea — and besides you wouldn’t accept that argument from a child, so why should we accept it here?


Ken Smith


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