Mainstream media is wrong.

At yesterday's Trump rally in Houston, I saw a diversity of voters: black, Latino, Asian-American and Caucasian. 

I saw a few Muslims. I saw some Catholic priests. The opening prayer - yes, there was one - was led by a Baptist.

There were young and old, rich and poor. On the sidewalks outside the venue, we shared sandwiches and bought each other coffee, taking turns holding our places in line.

There were a LOT of Women for Trump.

There were protesters, somewhere, but law enforcement kept them at bay.

And speaking of law enforcement, I heard a chorus of thank-yous to the men in blue throughout the day.

So, no, the Republican party is not merely a bunch of old, white, rich men.

It is a party of patriotic citizens, with people of all socio-economic, gender, racial, age, and religious backgrounds: People who want to continue to Make (and keep) America Great Again.

Mary Beth Scallon,

Gallatin, Texas

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