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Finding You (PG, 115 minutes) will, at the least, promote tourism to beautiful green Ireland; and it just might win you over as a romantic comedy that has lots of heart.

The protagonist is played by Rose Reid, who is an American musician that goes to Ireland in a summer college study program. While in the emerald isle, she hopes to improve her violin playing enough to get her into a prestigious music school.

Circumstances bring her into close contact with a popular, young movie star, played by Jedidiah Goodacre. Their relationship is similar to the story in Notting Hill.

The actor struggles to have an uninterrupted private life. He tries, unsuccessfully, to shield his new attractive friend from the pressures he always faces.

Among her tasks is to attend to a grumpy old woman in a nursing home, played by Vanessa Redgrave. Fortunately, she learns to play Irish fiddle songs in a local Pub that help her develop musical expressiveness.

As in most romantic movies, the couple’s relationship has a heartbreaking separation before there can be a happy ending.

Everything about this delightful film is sweetly enjoyable for those who have ever been young, hoping to meet the right someone someday.

This production earns a three plus sweet potato entertainment rating.

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