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Spud Nut,

Freaky (R, 101 minutes) is either a funny horror show or a scary comedy, take your choice. The gimmick in this movie is taken from the movie Freaky Friday. Vince Vaughn, who is the Blissfield Butcher, mysteriously changes bodies, unexpectedly, with a high school girl, played by Kathryn Newton. She turns into a slasher killer and Vaughn acts like a teenage girl. A mysterious dagger called La Dola caused the changeover. The characters have only 24 hours to use the dagger again to switch back to their real bodies. The comedy comes from Vince Vaughn, who steals the screen when he acts like the girl. Ms Newton makes a menacing look when she stalks her old high school nemeses. The script makes clever parodies of previous horror movies. The R rating comes from the novel killings that the Butcher commits, whether as a lumbering male or a murderous Barbee. Even film fans who avoid horror pictures will enjoy this three sliced potato rated production.

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