I preface this by introduction.

My wife and I recently had our dream retirement home built here in rural Jacksonville. Thank you for welcoming us!

Moving from the metroplex, we were overwhelmed by the level of non-livestock animal abuse and neglect.

With that said we have found an organization with a true love and concern for lost/stray/dumped animals. That is County Roads Rescue, founded and run by Dava Cooley and a group of amazing volunteers who don't get enough praise and appreciation for the hard work and long hours they give for our county’s helpless pets. This organization fills a void in a county that unfortunately has not made rescuing and sheltering animals in need a priority. They rescue, vet (get veterinarian services) and rehome many animals daily! They handled one beautiful young abused dumped puppy for us!

They deserve support from any and everyone in our county. We for one cannot express our thanks for her and her staff enough! All of Cherokee County should show appreciation for this non-profit organization by volunteering, fostering.

Thank you CRR!

Please help their mission!

Steve Atwell and Joan Caudle

Cherokee County

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