I certainly understand the sentiment behind the legislation that Congressman Lance Gooden has introduced (Stop COVID Act) that was highlighted in Saturday’s Jacksonville Progress. China can be blamed for providing false and very limited information which has exacerbated this pandemic.

They also ridiculously tried to place blame on US military personnel for the spread of the disease and have now quarantined US exports to prevent “re-infection.” Not only is this medically moronic, but is causing huge losses for US farmers and shippers of perishable goods. And this is especially galling considering China’s long history of providing the world with nasty diseases.

I do have doubts however that it can be proved that they “created” this virus or could be held accountable in any meaningful way through lawsuits here in the US, which is what Congressman Gooden’s legislation seeks. “Accountability” will best be dished out through the pocketbooks of 330 million American consumers.

I for one, to the extent I’m capable, will be avoiding Chinese goods when given a reasonable choice. If I have to pay two bits more for a US produced item in the future ... I gladly will. This could also help speed recovery to our devastated economy after this CHINESE virus runs it’s course. So I've sent letters to Congressman Gooden, along with Senators Cruz and Cornyn, requesting that a law be passed requiring a minimum-sized, one inch labeling for all consumer goods sold in America that notes the country of origin. This would serve as a bold and clear reminder to the US consumer of their choices when making purchases, versus the tiny and obscure labels on goods today.

I would also like to thank April Barbe for her thoughtful, transparent and uplifting column in Saturday’s paper. She offers sound advice and echoes the thoughts, emotions and difficulties many of us are experiencing in this once a lifetime event. This too will pass … let’s look after each other in Jacksonville and Cherokee County until it does.

Ronnie Cundieff


Editor’s Note: Thank you for the kind words, sir. I agree that we should all look after each other during this difficult time.

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