To our law enforcement and guardsmen – I pray for you. May the Lord provide protection, strength, courage, wisdom and patience as criminals attack our communities, businesses, historic landmarks and monuments. May you be reassured that your job essential and you are appreciated. May God guard your hearts against indifference and nurture your dedication to protect and to serve. 

To our first responders – I pray for you. May God cloak you with grace and a clearness of mind that you may remain focused to use your skills – whether helping the injured, the ill or to extinguish the arsenal flames engulfing homes, historic landmarks and businesses. May your soul be refreshed and strength renewed.  

To the wives, mothers and families of our law enforcement, soldiers and first responders – I pray for you During this tumultuous times, may God provide peace, rest, resolve, a clear mind and the wisdom of words and deeds to support your loved one as he/she provides protection for all of us. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed.  

To the true victims of racism and violence – I pray for you. May the Lord provide healing and recovery.  May your heart not be hardened and may forgiveness overshadow the pain.  

To our leaders (local, state and national) – I pray for you. I pray for conviction of the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of those who are allowing destruction to go unchecked or play an active roll in the attempted dismantling of America. I pray for the patriots to have courage and insight regarding the avenues and decisive steps that must be taken to quell this storm.  

To my fellow American – I pray for you … for us. I pray that Christ's love shine through us into the darkness and despair. I pray that God imbibe within us a spirit of love, forgiveness, accountability and courage. May His grace and protection be upon us. May those being used as instruments of chaos and destruction come to the saving knowledge of Christ before it is too late. May the Lord use us as instruments of peace and stability. May we stay strong in faith and know God is with us as we stand against evil and tyranny. May we love one another, forgive one another and inspire one another to be light in this darkness. 

I pray for myself – Lord grant me insight into my own actions and the manner in which I treat others. Temper my anger and cloak me with kindness. Strengthen me so that I may be a witness unto others, forgive me of my failings and provide me wisdom and insight. Lord give me a discerning spirit that nurtures goodness yet has an intolerance for evil while still loving others. Provide me courage to stand strong in the face of thy enemy and set expectations with accountability for not only others but myself … and that I am forever mindful “that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)


Cynthia Kline,

Rusk Texas

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