Relief Route: To start out with, I am directly effected by the blue route. It will take out the shop on my property, as well as the fence in my backyard. The road itself will be 168 feet from my back porch. With the two high pressure pipelines behind my property TXDOT had to squeeze it in somewhere, which meant taking the majority of my property to do this.Sometimes roads have to be made, and when they do people will lose their homes, but spending the amount needed to accomplish this here is wasteful, and unnecessary.

I have traveled through Jacksonville all hours of the day, and I don't understand the concern TXDOT has for justifying an alternative route. Sure there might be a little traffic, but I can travel all the way through town in a short period of time. There are basically two times of the day that there is a small amount of congestion, and both of those have to do with the schools.

I have never been by HWY 175 where there have been numerous trucks waiting to turn onto that highway. I have looked at the accident reports for the past nine years using the TXDOT CRIS reporting system and in the past two years accidents have decreased in number. The reason for some of this is that the trucks have to slow down coming through town. If the bypass is put in, there will be more deaths. One only has to look at Loop 49 to understand this.

As far as the "hurricane relief route" two hurricane evacuations in the past twenty seven years does not justify building the bypass. Why not use that money for coastal areas who really need better roads to get out? I personally know that the road at High Island on the Bolivar Penensulia floods when there's a really high tide. I would imagine the there are many areas like that along the Texas Gulf Coast that really need the help.

One of the things that really bother me is that if the use the blue route, and take my land, my shop, my backyard, the route is splitting around the dealership on 69 to save it. I get it. Some get preference. It's just how it works, but it's wrong. I bought my land twenty five years ago. I cleared the majority of the trees for my house and shop by hand, I built all of the structures there, invested a lot of sweat to get to where it is now. I sold two of my acres to my parents so they could live in a peaceful area as the got older, and now this is possibly happening. As a veteran it is disheartening to see someone come in and take the majority of my property only to use it for someone else. Some will say that hard decisions have to be made, but very seldom the one making the decisions have their homes and property taken.

Brent Hail


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