Every day I see handicap parking spaces being abused by individuals who do not meet the legal definition of a disability according to the Texas Department of Transportation. I easily get angry and upset at the individuals abusing the parking spaces, however after I did a little research into the matter I’m very angry and upset with the physicians and podiatrist’s who complete the Disability Statement section of the permit application.

The one page permit application clearly states the disabilities of what would qualify an individual for a permanent or temporary handicap permit. They are (1) cannot walk without the use of or assistance from an assistance device, including a brace, cane, crutch, another person or a prosthetic device; or (2) cannot ambulate without a wheelchair or similar device.

Many times I watch individuals get out of vehicles that do not have the above qualifications for a handicap permit. To physicians and podiatrists, please read the permit application first before you sign off on it. You are abusing your authority as well as you are falsifying a governmental record. But most importantly, you are disrespecting the individuals who really need the parking space.

— Phyllis Wilburn


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