It is hard to believe that in America, all our churches are empty at one time. It is almost eerie! We know that a deadly virus has caused this, but we need to go further and think, why has this suddenly come upon us, and at a speedy rate? We have to wonder … is God displeased with our nation? Remember, our America was deeded a Christian nation by our Founding Fathers on the Bible. However the hedgerow that God put around America disappeared long ago, and we need to realize that God does not bless our nation like he did. John Hancock said, "Let us humbly commit our righteous cause to the great Lord of the Universe … Let us joyfully leave our concerns in the hands of him who raises up and puts down the empires and the kingdoms of the earth as he pleases."

The fact is that we need to think long and hard about our life, God and our country. If we pondered the empty churches some more, there might be a message that we might want to think about. We have had unusual severe weather damage and flooding for several years, bad forest fires and snow problems … now we have a deadly virus that came out of nowhere!

Churches are really the backbone of any town and city, and it seems they have become more routine in their preaching, going to church and are into programs.

I remember when you went to church and you had a feeling of reverence as you walked into the sanctuary, and when you were seated in the pew, people just whispered … and you felt the reverence. The preacher would give his message, and no one would visit until they were outside … that, today, is called old-fashioned or not enough emotion! It is sad, but churches are not growing, people are leaving and our neighborhoods do not get the spiritual guidance they need. It would be a blessing if all churches would inspire spiritualism and also inspire people to go to church. When churches started changing the traditions, like quit singing the old gospel songs, that is a step up to conforming to liberalism! I believe most people are hungry for the … old time religion … true worshiping! That would be pleasing to God!

I have to say also that it seems that now dishonesty, lying and bad behavior have become a normal thing! Young people are watching with the world is offering, especially what they have seen on TV and social media, etc. They will be running our country one of these days! I have to wonder again … is God sending us a message? Abraham Lincoln said, "We have grown in numbers, wealth and power has no other nation has ever grown, but we have forgotten God."

Rose Mary Jones

Rusk, Texas

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