Enough! A town of 13,000, Santa Fe, TX. not too different from ours. If it can happen there, It can happen anywhere, even here. Ten dead, ten injured. What will it take to make changes to lessen the possibility of this? Twenty, maybe forty more instances of school violence? How many? Enough I say!

We have built new schools, are in the process of building a new football stadium, we have even bought a building to house a new daycare facility for the children of teachers. We have alarms on our houses and businesses., even our vehicles.

We have safety deposit boxes for our valuables, cameras all over, a police presence at events, our schools and everywhere they might be needed.

But it is NOT ENOUGH! We allow our most precious treasure to attend our schools without the benefit of metal detectors at doorways to protect them from armed, angry intruders. Why? There is not a justifiable answer, particularly to our children, who can care less about partisan politics.

Enough I say! We cannot expect a JISD officer to defend our students, even though I know they are dedicated officers. We must give them the equipment they need, and immediately. No more excuses. Please join me today and demand that these steps be taken.

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