When we talk to people about the 69 Relief Route, we have found that many still think it won't affect them, because they live in town.

Please help people realize how and that this bypass of Jacksonville will affect everyone. Businesses on Hwy. 69 will lose business, TxDOT says approximately by half. Downtown businesses will be drastically affected, homeowners anywhere near the bypass will definitely be affected.

Many towns who have had loops or bypasses suffer or die.

There will be few exits from this bypass. This will send businesses to Tyler for gas, food, shelter, etc.

Many people have lived in their homes or farms for 40 to 50 years. It has already caused uncertainty how they will be affected and will disrupt lives drastically.

Some have serious concerns about the potential effect on the Jacksonville water supply, since the previous proposed routes go near Gum Creek, which feeds into Lake Jacksonville. This will add increased pollution, and if and when a serious wreck occurs with oil and chemical trucks, if the water is near, it could become contaminated. Traffic would be delayed, not expedited.

Dr. Tolly Smith Wildcat

Jacksonville, Texas

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