Dear editor,

Thanks to Kelly Young for having the nerve to stand up and write about trash and litter. Great letter, and I hope that it was read by many, especially offenders! Also, thanks to Jana Autry and Barbara Murray for their Litter Ladies organization. Great idea, but I have often thought, why do others have to pick up after me?

I have lived in Texas for 40 years, moving here from New York State where I lived in an area with beautiful state parks which all of us enjoyed. They were well maintained and the people that used them took great care to pick up after themselves. We would never have thought to spray paint the buildings or discard our trash anywhere except a container for that use. That was probably because we were taught by our parents that it was what a person did. Pick up after yourself.

When my children were younger and we were going somewhere with their friends in a vehicle, someone would start to throw out a paper or a cup, and my children would warn them not to do that in Mom’s car! They knew better.

I agree with Kelly Young. Texas has some of the most beautiful highways and great scenery, and although people take great pride that they are a Texan, they certainly do a great dishonor to their land. Just look what the money saved picking up trash could do. We could save the Texas State Railroad and have money to develop the other parks and fishing areas for all to enjoy.

So, think twice before you throw something out of the window of your vehicle, leave your trash in the Wal-Mart parking lot or elsewhere or dump your trash along a county road. That goes for dumping your unwanted animals too!

Candace Reneau



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