Dear Editor:

Kelly Young’s article “So Many Choices…,” which appeared in the Jan. 24 edition of the Daily Progress gives a distorted view of the abortion issue by repeatedly referring to legal abortions as “murder.”

Mr. Kelly’s definition of the word “murder” is his opinion and has nothing to do with the actual definition of the word. The key to understanding the word “murder” is that you have to kill someone illegally and today abortions are legal if medical regulations are followed.

I’m older than Mr. Kelly, and I do remember that before 1973 abortion was considered murder.

Back in those days, desperate women had no choices. There was no sex education — no pill, no spermicidal jells, no diaphragms, not even vasectomies for their husbands. There was only one choice — abortions performed in poorly lit back rooms by either a hack or a very caring doctor who took great risks with the loss of his medical license to save a patient’s life or sanity.

America’s understanding of the diversity of thought and the rights of others has come a long way in the last 40 years, but it appears Mr. Kelly would have us return once again to those dark days when diversity of thought was not tolerated and abortion was a crime.

Mr. Kelly’s article points out that some abortion proponents frame their argument for women’s rights as “pro-choice”; however, Mr. Kelly offers women no choice.

Perhaps only the woman involved knows what is right for her own situation and self righteous people such as Mr. Kelly and I should simply stand aside and let each woman along with God’s guidance make the best decisions possible.


Terry Thompson

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