Another voice against city litter

Add my voice to Barry Clink’s letter on trash and speeding in our community. What kind of community do we want to live in? I have written on the serious crime in Jacksonville: real crime, the kind that takes the lives of family members. Compared to the crime in our town, what is trash and speeding? These are visible reminders of a failure of the leadership in this city. The Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Committee has started to make a difference, but these are volunteers. Where are the people on the payroll of the city who are supposed to pick up trash and patrol our streets?

The Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Committee was working with city hall last summer to clean up the area along the railroad through town. Councilman Melvin and Mayor Haberle voted “yes” to make a deal with the railroad to keep this area clean, but Councilmen Smith Stiefer and (Hubert) Robinson killed it. The deal they killed would have given the city the flexibility to do several things to beautify this part of town.

Councilman Smith doesn’t mind spending the city’s money, so that couldn’t have been the problem. He has gotten tens of thousands of city dollars spent on the campground at Lake Jacksonville where he and his friends hang out. Thousands of those dollars went to his camping friends for pouring concrete and other work at their campsite.

It’s really nice where they spend their time. They have a city-paid security gate at their campsite, and the city-hired special employee to be a camp host to keep his special area just so. Leaders are supposed to care about all the citizens and all areas of the town, aren’t they?

Dale and Karin Latner,


‘In Bush We Trust’

Tell me one more time …Why does Congress need to renew the Patriot Act? President Bush has already declared that he can do any thing he wishes to thwart potential terrorists. He claims the authority to work unencumbered by the quaint formalities of America’s system of political checks and balances.

Even the President’s most avid supporters remain unsure of how the President’s domestic spying program actually operates or why it was necessary to circumvent the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Once upon a time, a German leader subjugated that nation with his policy of  Nacht und Nebel (night and fog), counting on his followers to trust him with their future. It appears our President’s followers still trust him to operate in secret with their future _ irregardless that he has already led America into a preemptive war based on bad intelligence that clandestinely evolved into secret American concentration camps and interrogation methods that will forever link Americans to the use of torture. 

Perhaps Americans don’t need to renew the Patriot Act as badly as they need to renew their faith in our existing Bill of Rights.

Terry Thompson,


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