Don’t judge one’s motive

Ms. Hart, even though you do not know me personally, you assigned a “motive” to me for writing my earlier letter about my concern over Mr. Bird’s enormous salary. And of course, according to you, I have a negative motive. Well, let me tell you the real truth, so listen up Ms. Hart.

In my job, I see a huge amount of the “working poor.”

They struggle everyday to pay for food, or to pay for the other necessities of life, such as medicine. That was the reason I was so appalled at the superintendent’s salary. I did not even mention the perks of his job, such as his membership to the country club, insurance, and gasoline.

Your husband may make more than $13,600 per year, but what part of “average” do you not understand? My facts and figures come directly from the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, so if I am spreading “mis-information and half-truths,” then I guess that they are also.

I have stated publicly to the JISD school board, on at least two occasions, my concern for the working poor in this town when the board decided to raise property taxes.

Mr. Bird himself stated in the JDP on 11/29/05 that “...72-75 percent of the student body is economically disadvantaged.” So, you see that my information is totally accurate. That only leaves me to wonder what your “motives” were for such a mean-spirited letter. Please do not be so quick to judge what is in another’s heart.

Linda Gateley,


On the anniversary of Jennifer Hester’s death

Editor’s Note: This letter was received by the Daily Progress after Sunday’s Living Section had gone to print. The section contained a collection of letters received remembering Jennifer Hester on the one-year anniversary of her death, Jan. 12. Due to internal deadlines, we are sorry this letter did not make it into that edition.


I miss you so much! On the first day of school it was really hard on me because I always remembered seeing you at the picnic table were I would stop and chat until class began and the first day felt very empty, and also after classes I would go to my mother’s house which has also been hard.

I hope that you and my mother are laughing and having fun, like y’all always did when y’all were together. When I think of you two being together, It makes me feel somewhat better because you two were one of a kind, and y’all will always be missed in my heart.

Love and miss you lots,

Amber Armstrong

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