In memory of a teacher

As a student of JHS many years back, I had to take the time to share my wonderful memories of Mr. Larry Sanford, my high school algebra teacher who passed away this previous week. 

 I’m now grown, living in California, and yet the way people touch our lives growing up... stays with us forever, no matter how far away we move. 

 Mr. Sanford had “the gift.” Algebra for some like myself was painful. I would have rather written a 10 page report than solved 10 algebra problems. I wasn’t alone, and he had a way of getting us over those “humps.”

 We were at the age where life was full of trials, temptations and confusion.  Periodically we would walk in, he would take roll, and tell us it was time to talk. We would get our desks in a circle and talk about whatever was on our minds. He always kept it under control.

 I can assure you that I was able to make it past some very difficult times as were many other students thanks to those “Pop” discussions. He never let our academics suffer, but realized our emotional well-being was just as important as getting the algebra.

 I was shocked to hear of his passing, but I know he was put here on earth to make a difference.  He made God proud. 

 Mr. Sanford... if you’re reading this from heaven... we just want to say “Thanks for caring enough to make a difference.”

 Our prayers are with your family during this difficult time. With love from your thousands of students,

Rhonda Socia Outler,


To the family of Larry Sanford

I just want to thank you all for sharing such a wonderful teacher and friend. Mr. Sanford was so wonderful, he was the only person that was able to unlock algebra for me, and to this day I can still remember everything that he taught me.

But he was more than just a wonderful teacher, he was a friend to all. There was never a time that I would pass Mr. Sanford and he would fail to say hello; he always had time to stop. That quality is very hard to find these days. Mr. Sanford would always go the extra mile to make sure everyone understood the lesson of the day and if they did not, he would make sure that they did. He will be missed greatly and remembered always.

So let us all learn one more lesson from a great teacher — always take time for others, be a friend to all, and always take the time to help someone understand. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Kevin A. McCarty,

Class of 1997,


Mad Molly Ivins

Mad Molly Ivins (libs are always mad about something) has told us what they, the Dems, plan to do if they are able to come to “power” again. In her column in the JDP of May 25, she says among the first things is “undoing” the tax cut. Liberals love for us to pay higher taxes in order to grow bigger government and, through entitlements, exercise greater control over our lives.

 If you feel one of your problems is needing to give more money to the federal government, either make a voluntary contribution to the IRS or vote for the Democrats. They never fail to raise taxes because they think the money you earn is really theirs to begin with, and they don’t want you to keep too much of it. The two huge tax cuts of recent memory were both from Republican administrations. They brought us out of Democrat-inspired recessions and gave us sizzling economies with incentives to raise our standard of living.           

 Robert L. Burns,


Litter at Nichols Green, Phase I

It is a shame that vandals and not so good citizens of our community are destroying the beauty of Nichols Green. The bathrooms are nasty and for the second occasion in the last two months, these vandals have taken the permanent-type trash receptacle and pulled it up, concrete base and all, and dumped it into the waterfall pond. The beautification community of our city has done a great job, but some of these funds need to go to keeping Nichols Green beautiful, and a city wide volunteer clean up day needs to be started if the city cannot keep it clean on a regular basis.

We also need no littering signs posted in the park with a penalty statement.

Rod Carnahan,


Eminent Domain

Practically a re-writing of the Constitution, literally ignoring the Fifth Amendment, has recently occurred. A ruling that means no privately-owned property is safe from government seizure — houses, farms, churches, church camps, family owned restaurants and small businesses, are all at risk.

If a proposed development would bring economic advantage or increased tax revenue to an area, it could get the “green-light.” Just days before the Supreme Court’s summer recess, it so ruled. Our government’s power of eminent domain has taken a frightening level. Almost anything will “increase tax revenue” compared to a church, so BEWARE; properties in Florida and California have already been seized.

We must band together and call on Christian-minded congresspeople for immediate help.

Know this: a Republican Senator, John Cornyn of Texas, quickly introduced a bill called, “The Protection of Homes, Small Businesses and Private Property Act of 2005.” This alert senator needs our immediate assistance to draft a more “air-tight” version of the original bill.

Every sincere U.S.A. voter would do well to contact:

American Center for Law and Justice, P.O. Box 90555, Washington, D.C., 2009 - 0555.

To those who really care about preserving our Constitutional freedoms in America, pray. “Justice, Justice, you shall pursue,” Deut. 16:20.

Our future is tied to our past which included references to our Faith, Family and Godly morality.

Corbin Priefert,


Congrats to animal shelter staff

I would like to give some recognition to the Klein Animal Shelter on Tena Street.

The staff and volunteers that work there are caring, compassionate, and very well educated in their jobs.

They take care of the problems of the public/irresponsible pet owners who are letting their pets over populate and not taking the responsibility of spaying and neutering their animals and continue to let unwanted babies be born, or neglect animals to the point of illness where there is nothing else to do to save these animals.

Diseases such as mange, parvo and distemper continue to thrive and get other animals sick.

I would definitely consider a new attitude and recognize that I am not a responsible pet owner nor a responsible human being! How dare anyone have one bad thing to say about the staff at Klein Animal Shelter, when they are the ones cleaning up the irresponsible and cheap citizens’ problems that the public is causing!

When I went to Klein, the animals were all very happy, healthy and well taken care of. If you are a responsible pet owner, I hope that you will adopt your great, loving pet from Klein Animal Shelter.

I ask the citizens of Cherokee County to spay and neuter your pets. Get over the small minded mentality of “I’m a man, so is my dog.” Be responsible!

 Betsy Weathers,