Dear editor,

I am writing to respond to the article “Being there made D-day real for me” (column, June 7) written by Kelly Young. I too was in Hanau Germany  in the Summer of ’94. I was in the 38th Engineer Company of the 130th Engineer Brigade. I was there as a member of the color guard for several of the smaller ceremonies. I also was an usher for the ceremony at Pointe du Hoc. We hear very often from the media how much we are despised by the world and the French in particular. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We were greeted warmly and openly. My friends and I were invited to several peoples homes for a drink or a meal. We listened to the stories told by people who were there. We walked the cemetaries and looked at the crosses. We were awe struck at what was done in that place. It was an experience I will never forget. I hope that we can remember our veterans as fondly as those folks do.

Ken Smith


Dear editor,

Although I appreciate the opinion of the Jacksonville Bass Club in their letter “Hard to lure fishermen to poisoned lake” (letter, June 10), my understanding is that the tournament was a great success. I have heard that the biggest bass caught was over 11 pounds, no small fish in most fisherman’s book, and that the tournament was won with a stringer of over 25 pounds. I would challenge him to post the results with the paper such as number of entries, average weight of fish caught, number of limit stringers, and total number and weight of fish weighed. I myself forgot about the tournament, but had an excellent day fishing Saturday. My hat is off to the group working to get the hydrilla under control. They are working with a tough crowd...those of us that still want some hydrilla (good for the fish) and those that don’t want any.

Thank you,

Steve Guyer

Dear editor,

Thanks to Ann Chandler for her years of service to the JISD and local citizens as a school board trustee. Her absence will be a loss, and we will all pray for Jackson's recovery and well-being.

 In the story “School board will appoint a new member” (article, June 8), the school board stated they did not want to go to the expense of holding another election, and would select a replacement trustee to serve out Ann Chandler’s term.

 Seems that it would be fair and correct for all if the board would appoint as replacement one of the most recent candidates that ran for the school board and received significant support from the voters...just not enough to win their particular seat position.  These folks have already demonstrated a serious desire to service the JISD and community, and have taken public positions on the issues facing the board at this time.  The person with the largest number of votes received could be approached about taking over the trustee job immediately and the public could get an idea of how effective they are before an actual election is held for her term.  The election was conducted properly, the candidates were all sincere and eager to serve the community.  I think they should be given such an opportunity.

 Bob Lewis

Lake Jacksonville


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