Dear editor,

Anyone who believes statements by various politicians and officials of the Texas State Railroad Operating Agency that this will allow the lease of the Texas State Railroad to a private operator should investigate the terms of the contract that has already been signed with American Heritage Railway.

This is a contract to the Texas State Railroad away along with $12 million of state funds to American Heritage.

Do not be fooled. This is a “give-away” not a lease.

Contact Governor Perry immediately and ask him to veto this give-away.

Robert N. Crossman, Jr., P.E.

Dear editor,

I’m writing this letter to share with my community a life lesson that’s critical to our families and children.

Gossip, rumor and innuendo are as damaging and hurtful to a family as an all-out physical attack. At times, a lot of folks who believe themselves to be “good” people, feel justified in passing on outright lies to any one who’ll listen. Most often, the ones who spread gossip and half-truths have ulterior motives and seek some personal gain or attention by doing so.

A case in point: my daughters’ grandmother is getting on in years and is in poor health. My daughters have visited their Granny at her home and in the hospital and have shown support for her, only to be accused of trying to get something from her estate. They grew up around her and love her dearly! Nothing could be further from the truth and the accusations are hurtful and malicious. Older, wiser family members should bring the family together for support during troubled times. Why is it that these situations, at times, bring our the worst in people?

Unfortunately, I believe this is sometimes possible when families are under stress. The senior members of the family should and can send an example for the younger ones. If you see yourself in this story, stop and think about the big picture. Family unity, not division and spitefulness, is needed during times of failing health and life changes.

Mary Traylor



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