I worked for American Airlines for 22 years. On September 11, 2001, I was grieving for the two AA planes which flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

I have a Time magazine which has pictures of people jumping out ot the Trade Center because they didn’t want to be burned alive.

I am a Christian and attend First Christian church. It is not that I am against religious freedom, but why does it have to begin and end in the United States?

Churches and Synagogues are at risk or forbidden in Muslim countries, but we let a mosque be built so close to the Trade Center bombings where people who did nothing wrong, either in those buildings or on those places, were killed by Muslims.

I am in favor of moving the mosque.

Mr. Thompson intimates that Newt Gingrich (Republicans) want the mosque gone.

I think it is the majority of America.

Mr. Thompson is a Democrat trying to rally his party for midterm elections.

I suggest someone pull a permit and build a mosque near Mr. Thompson’s house.

Laurie Brown

Jacksonville, TX

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