Cherokee County has never been dry. Bootleggers have always been happy to service so-called “dry” areas.

Some crimes that will be ended with the advent of legal alcohol sales are bootlegging and the associated sales to minors. Legal shopkeepers check IDs, bootleggers don’t.

The abuse of sugar and fat is far more prevalent in Jacksonville than the abuse of alcohol, but I don’t hear of people boycotting bars because they also serve food!

After 70 years of life, I want to finally be treated as an adult and not have to show my ID or join a club in order to buy a beer (why does the government need to know what and where I drink?) I want to be able to stop at my corner store on the way home and pick up a beer instead of having to drive 30 miles with the temptation to open one on the way home and violate the law.

To answer the writer who wonders why the city council already allows sales of alcohol: the people who frequent the businesses want them to do so. As to why drugs are not legal, the people do not yet want them to be. Alcohol is legal because people wanted it to be.

Alcohol may be against your personal morals and that is fine. But those morals are yours. Do not attempt to force me to accept your version of how to live my life.

Dennis Harper,


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