This letter comes to you from a citizen of Jacksonville, gravely concerned about our nation on the local and national level.  I will get right to the point.  We are quickly losing this nation that our forefathers risked life and liberty to win for their children and posterity.  It is the same enemy in a different century: Tyranny.

There seems to be before us a small window of opportunity to reclaim some ground that has been lost coming up in this next election.  As we are all witnessing, lots of rats are jumping from the Democratic ship right now, masking as “good conservative Republicans.”  Why now?  There has been more than enough time for that.  Is it because the ship is sinking?   I read in a circular that was sent out earlier this year, “My wife and I prayed about this and the way the Democratic Party is going is against our moral and religious beliefs, blah, blah, blah”.   Please.   

According to Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie,  “In the Democratic Party, there is room for members who are conservative and progressive — the only reason anyone would leave is for crass political reasons and a refusal to stand up to special interests.”  And this from the Dem Chairman himself! 

Voters!  Do not be fooled with talk of conservative values and choir rehearsals.  This is about holding office at any cost.  The conservative elephants who have always been conservative elephants deserve our support – not the donkeys who are recently wearing elephant skins.  Period. 

Christi Clark

Jacksonville, Texas. 

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