The Cherokee County Young Republicans Club recently held our candidate forum, inviting our candidates for contested races for State Representative, County Judge, County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, District Clerk and County Chairperson.

Invitations were sent by letter and followed up by phone call. 

Of those, 9 of the 16 did not show up to participate - Very disappointing to the citizens concerned enough with local leadership to show up and hear what they had to say about why we should vote for them.

If you cannot take an hour or two to talk with us, you do not deserve four years on our tax dollars.

Please help us support the candidates that do care about more than just a paycheck by voting for them this week.

Those who did not show up and why:

· Current County Judge Chris Davis:   Did not respond to invitation

· Current Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Tony Johnson:  Did not respond to invitation

· Republican County Chairperson Steve Looney:  Opted out of participating

· District Clerk Janet Gates:  Opted out of participating

· Current State Representative Chuck Hopson:  Scheduling Conflict

·  State Representative Allan Cain:  Scheduling Conflict

· Current County Commissioner Precinct 2 Kevin Pierce:  Did not respond to invitation

· County Commissioner Precinct 2 Steve York:  Recovering from medical procedure

· County Commissioner Precinct 2 Steven Norton:  Ill that evening

             Danny Morris

Vice President

Cherokee County Young Republicans Club

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