Although we are “outsiders” who are not qualified to vote in the coming liquor election, we do have the right to make a statement.

We commend the Family First group for its concern and support for the families of Jacksonville. Anyone who has lived for a while knows what alcohol can do to a family.

Also, the danger of addiction to alcohol cannot be disputed. There are not many families who have not, in some way, been adversely affected by alcohol.

We have yet to hear the Progress Jacksonville committee admit publicly that the above is true, or maybe they just don’t care.

We have read the opinion of the Progress Jacksonville group that extra income from sales tax would have a positive effect on our city.

Who gets the most financial benefit from the sale of alcohol? Not the city!

We would certainly like to see Jacksonville and the surrounding area grow, but not at the expense of our family groups, especially our children and teens.

Even just one incident of family violence, one innocent person killed as the result of drunk driving or one person becoming addicted is enough to cause us to ask you qualified voters to vote NO in the coming election.

Frank and Evelyn Waggoner,


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