Editor’s note: The following is U.S. Rep. John Culberson’s response to issues raised by Daily Progress reader Rod Carnahan.

Helping to stop this dangerous and destructive amnesty bill will rank as one of the most important things I will ever do in Congress. I admire and trust the Heritage Foundation, and they estimate the costs of the bill at $2.6 TRILLION because the amnesty would legalize all illegal aliens and their immediate families and make them eligible for our overburdened social programs. History proves that the vast majority of newly legalized illegal aliens will draw far more dollars in government services than they will pay in taxes.

Worst of all, amnesty combined with the totalization agreement that the Social Security Administration signed with Mexico, would allow every illegal alien from Mexico and their immediate family anywhere in the world to receive Social Security, and they would vest after only SIX quarters! Law abiding American citizens do not vest until after 40 quarters. (I expect to enact a law that will block the Mexican totalization agreement from going into effect).

We must redouble our efforts to make the administration enforce our existing immigration laws and secure our borders. It is important to remember that Congress has already passed all the immigration laws we need to secure our borders and grant visas swiftly and safely to legal immigrants. All that is missing is law enforcement, which is why I am totally focused on sending over $150 million to sheriffs along our southern border. I know Texas sheriffs, and I know with certainty that as soon as they have hired enough deputies and given them the equipment they need, America will have law and order on the border in a matter of weeks. I am also focused on building requirements into Homeland Security funding that will cut programs and even paychecks of DHS employees who fail to perform background checks or stop criminals or terrorists from sneaking into our county.

I will use every legal, legislative and political tool at my disposal to make the administration enforce our immigration laws and secure our border, and I will not rest until these goals are achieved. I will fight amnesty for illegal aliens at all costs. I am immensely proud to represent the people of West Houston, and I will always do my best to make you proud of my work on your behalf.

Thank you for entrusting me to represent you in the United States Congress.

John Culberson

U.S. Representative

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