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Nobody (R, (92 minutes) is a delicious, action adventure movie about a nobody who has been a somebody.

Bob Odenkirk joins Liam Neeson and Keanu Reeves in playing the part of a middle aged man who has exceptional talents when it comes to combating bad guys.

In this script, Odenkirk is leading a very routine life as a working family man who has left behind his former clandestine governmental trade. His wife, played by Connie Nielson, is rather bored with the life he leads. Then one night, a couple of robbers invade his home.

As he attempts to recover his lost daughter’s missing kitty cat bracelet, our hero stumbles into a vicious Russian criminal organization. He reluctantly resumes using his exceptional skills against large deadly forces.

Joining Odenkirk in his defensive measures is his retirement home grandfather, played by Christopher Lloyd. Lloyd admits he has missed the excitement of his old life. Odenkirk begins to realize something has been missing from his life too.

The action surpasses even the exhilaration of the John Wick movies, and has a cleverer background story. The film is so enjoyable that you might want to see it a second time, or at the least, have a sequel for this four-star hot-potato rated production.

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