How should Christians be responding to COVID-19? A few thoughts:

1. Without panic or hysteria. We believe in an absolutely sovereign God who is absolutely good and trustworthy. Don’t freak out.

2. By loving our neighbors. We should take precautions, such as hand washing and avoiding shaking hands in case we ourselves have been exposed. We don’t want to endanger others or make them uncomfortable by not respecting their boundaries.

3. By loving our neighbors. Dismissive attitudes about any illness will seem callous to those who have been personally affected by it. Let’s be careful with our words.

4. By loving our neighbors. If quarantines come to your neighborhood, how might you best love and serve your neighbors? Can you deliver food or make phone calls or send encouraging cards and letters?

5. With reasonableness and seriousness. While we can all agree that there is likely muchmedia hype, let’s not dismiss something that the CDC and the WHO are treating with such seriousness. Unless you are an infectious disease specialist, be careful with claiming to know more than the experts. We shouldn’t overreact, but neither should we under-react.

6. With prayer. People are sick. People have died. People are suffering financially. Let’s pray, y’all.

7. By sharing the gloriously good news of Jesus. People are scared. More people will get sick; some of them will die. People need Jesus. Let’s tell them about the only real hope for the world.

Mike Miller

Senior pastor, Central Baptist Church

Jacksonville, Texas

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