As students walk into new classrooms with fresh haircuts and hopefully in new shoes, it's time for us to remember our school days.

Remember how nervous you were the first day back to school, thinking about things like how your hair and clothes looked, will your teachers be nice or not, will you be late or not be able to find your classroom, will people like you …

Be understanding if your child is anxious about starting a new school year. Students today have more to be concerned about than you may have had as a child yourself. Let's be aware of this and offer comfort where we can.

Let them know that it's OK to be worried about things like their teachers, social activities or a difficult school subject. But make sure they know that they should be proud of who they are, and that you will help them overcome any obstacles.

Today's students are tomorrow's future, so we need to take care of them. These students will one day be our doctors, our teachers, our police officers and more. If we take care of them now, they will take care of us later.

Make sure your child is getting enough sleep, and that they are prepared for each day with their books, supplies and lunches or lunch money.

If your child is anxious, try to focus on the positive. Talk to them about what they are looking forward to about a new school year. And if they are scared to go to school, tell them you understand and that you can talk about their concerns.

Today, school is sometimes viewed as a scary place. Our world has changed since the carefree days of our youth. And we need to prepare our children and reassure them, and help them come up with alternate ways to help tackle that fear.

Make sure your child knows the layout of their school campus and where to find their principals. Make sure they know to tell an adult if any problems arise.

And if they ride a school bus, make sure they know how important it is to stay seated and listen to their bus driver.

For doing all of these things, offer them small rewards like their favorite breakfast or after-school snack or activity.

It's tough to be a kid today. Let's lift them up and let them know how important they are!

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