Reasons a Relief Route is desperately overdue in Jacksonville:

10) Eliminate countless loads of dangerous hazmat right through the middle of town.

9) Relocate all the dangerous hazmat from Hwy 79 traffic further upstream from Lake Jacksonville.

8) Eliminate the daily afternoon gridlock on Hwy 69 in Jacksonville.

7) Create safer driving conditions for our older drivers.

6) Create safer driving conditions for our younger drivers.

5) Create miles of valuable and usable commercial property on new loop.

4) Make commercial property in town (including much abandoned) more valuable, usable and accessible for commercial traffic.

3) Project a far better image for our community by eliminating the hassle factor for travelers passing through.

2) Because as someone who travels more than most, I can tell you few people “spontaneously” stop for food, shopping or restroom breaks. These are planned events, and they’ll plan to drive through town if they desire to do so.

And the number one reason a relief route is desperately overdue in Jacksonville (drum roll).............. Have you tried to make a left onto 69 lately without a light?

I can’t believe anyone is still arguing against this.

Ronnie Cundieff


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