I attended the 69 Relief Route presentation at the Norman Activity Center on Thursday, November 14.

While my property is not directly affected, I oppose this project because I think it is not good for our city economically or environmentally. At NAC, there were large print outs of two proposed routes, the Blue Route and the Gold Route. There was also a video presentation, which should be available online now. In the video, they mention a third option: No Build. If you walk in the main room at NAC, you only see two options displayed.

I suggested that TxDot have some sort of visual display for the third option at the next meeting as well, as I believe this is the option most citizens prefer.

Please take time to send in a comment to TxDot stating which option you prefer and why. Let your voices be heard: Submit your comments to TxDOT at:


Tanita Gumney

Jacksonville, Texas

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