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A friend of mine in California recently sent me an article from her local newspaper posted by a local doctor who has friends in Australia. The article pointed out that Australia, compared to the US has very low Covid-19 infection and mortality rates. Finding this interesting I did a little searching of the web and found this:

Tue 15 Dec, '20 - Sorry I didn't note where this data came from.

Population C-19 total C-19 deaths C-19 active

Australia 25.6M 28K 908 47

New Zealand 4.8M 2.1K 25 56

California 39.5M 1.6M 21K 1.6M ~4%

Texas 28M 1.5M 24.4K 1.4M ~5%

Texas has 27x as many deaths as Australia with nearly the same population.

Fri 18 Dec, '20 - Reuters:

One of the poorest counties in Texas, nearly a quarter of Dawson's 13,000 residents live in poverty. To date, it has seen 1,325 coronavirus cases and 42 deaths, according to the state health department's count.

That's 1.68 times as many deaths as New Zealand with roughly 0.028% population.

Sun 20 Dec, '20 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55380288

"The US has registered more than 17.5 million of the 76 million infections confirmed globally since the pandemic began, along with 315,000 deaths. Both are the highest numbers in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University research."

17.5/76=23.0263157894737, almost 1/4 of the world's infections are here.

Tue 22 Dec, '20 - https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

C-19 total cases total deaths deaths/1M pop population

World 78,246,550 1,720,885 220.8 7,800,000,000 (Wikipedia)

USA 18,622,441 329,786 994 331,923,317

Mexico 1,325,915 118,598 915 129,572,900

Canada 519,699 14,380 379 37,898,755

New Zealand 2,121 25 5 5,002,100

Australia 28,219 908 35 25,639,574

1.72M deaths world wide

329K deaths US

329/1720 --> 19.128% of world deaths

332/7800 --> 4.25% of worlds population

Admittedly Australia and New Zealand borders are much easier to control than ours and while Canada's infection rates are much lower, Mexico's are high but my president has greatly reduced that traffic.

Aussie's have the reputation for being as individualistic as Texans but their response to this plague has been much different as evidenced by their markedly lower infection and death rates.

It appears to me that the reason for this difference is leadership and this suggests that we need to be more careful in picking our leaders.

If you see other causes for this huge disparity between our and Australia's infection rates I'd like to hear them.

Mike McClain

Jacksonville, Texas

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