Editor’s note: A Jacksonville resident has been reviewing movies for friends for several years and has offered to share his thoughts with Daily Progress readers. His reviews come in personal letters to his nicknamed friend, Spud Nut. Our reviewer is Tater Tot, so consequently, the movies get ratings based on potatoes.

Spud Nut,

Rio - 3D (rated PG, 96 minutes) is a visually beautiful, animated tribute to colorful macaws and the lovely locale of Rio de Janeiro.

The film was made by the studio that also produced the cartoon hit, Ice Age. Except Rio lacks the whimsical cleverness of the Ice Age; the mores’ the pity for it, say I.  

The script has too much mundane dialogue and too many humans to be a memorable delight, although it is entertaining over all.  The musical score has a few forgettable songs with pop beats and Latin rhythms that fit the story that occurs during the Brazilian Carnival season.  

Two parallel, light-hearted romances help carry the action along to its obligatory happy ending.  I greatly appreciated that the movie’s closing credits listed the actor’s voices who were used with the on-screen characters.  

Even though this feature is wholesome family fare, in the pantheon of similar such films, Rio rates two and a half potatoes.

Tater Tot   

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